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Advancing by Asking
Our smart researchers and innovative IT specialists ensure that you get the information you need. Your request is our challenge: please contact us!

measuring and improving

To be able to take sound decisions, you need reliable research data.
Are your policies and actions having the desired effect or do they need adjustment?
Are your employees inspired and your clients satisfied?
What is good, what could be different? What can our ISO certified panel do for you?

Solid and reliable research will help you.

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Academic Support:
assisting research

Our Academic Support Centre helps researcher working for governments, knowledge institutes, universities and businesses complete their research. This may cover the entire project or individual components, but may also consist of advice or statistical analyses.

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Research Intelligence:
the technical side of the story

We love research and technology. We use unique, sophisticated survey software that caters for all demands and all languages. Results are presented in interactive dashboards. Our IT specialists work closely together with our researchers, always with your research questions and final goals in mind.

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About us

Started in 2000 as a spin-off from Maastricht University. Grown into a medium-sized agency with a young and inspired team of researchers and IT specialists. For every research question, we try to find the answer that really helps you. Personal, reliable, quick, and flexible.

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