Research Intelligence: the technical side of the story

Online data collection

Flycatcher has been involved in online surveys since its foundation in 2000. We use unique, sophisticated survey software and program our own questionnaires. This offers a great deal of flexibility and provides opportunities for tailor-made solutions. It also guarantees that everything works as it should, resulting in optimal data quality. The questionnaires can also be used for mobile surveys.

In addition, our software allows for other types of online data collection, including collection using diaries or through online communities.

Online dashboards

Flycatcher knows like no other how important it is to present the acquired data properly and clearly. We make the information and knowledge available quickly and clearly in sophisticated online reports or dashboards, using interactive tables and graphs.

Dashboards ensure that the right information is made available at different layers within your organisation. In addition to survey results, dashboards can also show details from other data sources (e.g. CSS results or data on absenteeism).

Individual feedback

Feedback on the results can also be given at the individual level, where respondents may compare their own results with those of others. This is often used in work engagement surveys. Employees compare their own results with those of the team, their department or the entire organisation.

Collecting your own data securely and reliably?

If you regularly send out the same questionnaire among your own target audience, you may use SurvIT, a useful solution for surveys and tests that enables you to send and manage everything yourself, without the need for programming or linking data. Reports are drawn up automatically. Contact us for more information.

Flycatcher Annotation tool

This is an interactive and intuitive tool for online assessment of pictures, texts, websites, letters etc. Results are reported interactively online. The client is able to filter for certain background characteristics, such as gender or age. Please contact us for a demo.