Academic Support: assisting research

Our Academic Support Centre helps other researchers complete their research. This may concern the entire research project or parts of it. Anyone may avail of our services, PhD students, university scientists and business researchers alike.

Survey set-up

Flycatcher would be glad to help you decide on the set-up of your survey. This may include recommendations on how to approach respondents, the method of data collection (e.g. online or face-to-face), the use of a control group, the application of various scenarios in the questionnaires, etc.

Questionnaire advice, review and pretest

You may submit your questionnaire to our researchers for an expert review. All Flycatcher researchers have an academic background and considerable experience in setting up and reviewing questionnaires. We can also pretest your questionnaire with a small group of respondents that have similar characteristics to your target audience.


Flycatcher is able to give advice on the required sample size and the related reliability and accuracy of the data that you collect. We can also help you determine the representativeness of your sample or create weighting factors.

Online questionnaire

For online surveys, we use unique, sophisticated software. This software offers a great deal of flexibility and options for tailor-made solutions, with various types of questions, experimental interventions, different conditions (experimental and control groups), randomisation, and longitudinal measuring.


Flycatcher has its own ISO-certified consumer panel - the Flycatcher Panel - which can be used for nationally representative or subgroup surveys. For international research, we work together with reliable foreign research partners united in ESOMAR.
Online questionnaires can also be made available for other approaches or different groups, such as hosting on a website or distribution by letters containing a link.


If Flycatcher carries out the fieldwork, the data collected is carefully checked and processed. Results are supplied in an SPSS data file or a different format. We always add a justification of the survey process, containing details required for publication.


Flycatcher researchers are experienced in a broad range of statistical techniques and their application in SPSS. Together we can draw up an analysis plan. You can also ask us to carry out the analyses or to interpret the output.


Facing repetitive actions in SPSS? We can help by setting up a syntax or macro that can be used to simplify editing and analysis, or that can be applied to different files. We can also create dialogue boxes in SPSS that enable you to run your syntax at the press of a button and allow you to easily specify your variables.