Research: measuring and improving

Flycatcher covers a broad field of research, from communication surveys to satisfaction studies. Surveys can be carried out among any imaginable target group, including consumers, employees, students, visitors, citizens, customers or patients.

For every research question, we want to find the best possible solution, so that you receive the information that helps you take the next step: we help you by asking! Flycatcher works nationally and internationally, for governments, businesses, health care institutions, charities, and more.

Research methods

By listening carefully, asking critical questions and thinking along with you, we advance your case together. Your question determines our method, not the other way around. You may approach us with any questions, we're not easily surprised.

To monitor trends and to measure changes over time, we often apply online surveys. This method is also ideal for ad hoc research, when quick results are required. Other methods are possible too, such as written or telephone surveys, customer panels and communities, qualitative methods, such as interviews and focus groups, or social media research. If necessary, we can take all practical matters out of your hands.

Our Flycatcher panel

We are very proud of our Flycatcher panel: the most reliable panel in the Netherlands. It was one of the first panels in the Netherlands to be ISO-certified. This quality standard is important, as it guarantees a well-maintained and managed panel that yields reliable results. Our panel consists of more than 10.000 people aged 18 and older who have voluntarily and actively agreed to participate in online surveys via 'double-active-opt-in'. Panel members receive a small reward for each completed questionnaire in the form of points, which can be redeemed for a gift certificate. In addition, panel members automatically participate in the Flycatcher Quarterly Lottery, where, among other things, participation in surveys determines the chances of winning in the lottery.

The Flycatcher panel can be used for nationally representative surveys as well as for research among subgroups. For international research, we work together with reliable foreign research partners united in ESOMAR. All data is treated with the greatest possible care and discretion; everything remains within the Flycatcher walls and data never ends up on servers belonging to foreign parties.

Contact us for more information about the panel or click here(only in Dutch) to go to the Flycatcher panel page.

Types of research

We offer the best solution for every research question. Research is always tailor-made work, matching your specific question. Flycatcher provides not only employee surveys, but also customer surveys, municipal surveys, communication research, effect measurements, brand and image surveys, needs analyses, PR research, and social science research.

Customer satisfaction surveys (CSS)

Customer surveys or customer satisfaction surveys provide the insight that you need to retain your existing customers and recruit new ones. Properly conducted surveys show what existing and potential customers really value and find important. By repeating the surveys regularly, you can see whether you are on the right track or whether you need to adapt your strategy.

Your staff's behaviour has an unmistakable effect on the customer experience. Dedicated and inspired employees show this to the public, which in turn has a positive effect on how others experience and value your products or services. It is therefore highly recommended to repeat surveys among your staff regularly.

Municipality surveys

The Dutch Quality Institute for municipalities (called VNG Realisatie) offers a platform for Dutch municipalities that enables them to compare and improve their performance. Municipalities have an elaborate set of tasks and cover a broad spectrum of responsibilities. It is therefore logical that municipalities wonder whether their services are adequate or whether improvements should be made. VNG Realisatie helps municipalities in this process. On the website, Dutch municipalities are able to compare themselves with other municipalities using various data (CBS, KLPD, citizen surveys, business polls etc.). This way, municipalities not only discover what (further) improvements they can make, but also which other municipality may help them.

We have been selected by VNG Realisatie as one of the suppliers of citizen and business surveys for municipalities. (only in Dutch).

Communication research

Research on communication includes all research carried out when designing, developing and evaluating communication materials. It may help determine which message is most successful and how the target audience can best be reached. The tone, information, channel, appearance and message must all be exactly right. Good research provides insight in these matters and gives you, as sender, the opportunity to distinguish yourself.

We use our unique annotation tool to pretest statements. For marketing and advertising agencies, we use the Quicker, the reliable alternative for Quick&Dirty research: a maximum of 5 questions among our certified consumer panel.

Image/branding research

Image is the result of impressions, experiences, knowledge, expectations and feelings, factors that you cannot always influence directly. The image that the outside world has, may differ considerably from the image that you have in mind or want to portray.

This type of research gives you insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your image and highlights any differences between the desired image and the actual image. You are also able to determine whether the image that your employees communicate, corresponds with the desired image. Research gives you concrete handles to deal with any discrepancies and to ensure that you are perceived as you wish to be perceived.

Work Experience Survey (WBO)

Inspired and engaged employees are indispensable for any organisation: after all, without them there would be no good services or products, let alone innovations. Our validated research not only provides insight into possible bottlenecks and threats, but also shows what goes well and where there are opportunities for improvement. It provides concrete, clear and practical management information that you can use.

The research consists of energy sources, stressors and outcome measures, and contains the main components related to work engagement and their impact on satisfaction and dedication. The survey measures elements such as workload, communication, leadership, challenges and autonomy. These can easily be extended with additional modules, such as employment conditions, undesirable behavior, emotional stress, productivity, absenteeism or employability (WAI). Because no two organisations are the same, our research is always made to measure, meeting specific wishes and requirements.

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Social scientific research

Flycatcher started in 2000 as a spin-off from Maastricht University. We regularly work together with researchers from universities and research institutes both in the Netherlands and abroad, supporting them with their research.

Flycatcher is a practice-oriented research agency, not a scientific institute. But all our researchers have a solid academic background. Their knowledge and insight into research designs and analysis techniques make them capable sparring partners at the right level.

By letting us implement the survey or parts of it, you are able to concentrate fully on its content.

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