About us

Flycatcher Internet Research started in 2000 as a spin-off from Maastricht University. We have grown into a medium-sized agency with a young and inspired team of researchers and IT specialists. We prefer short communication lines and personal contact. That works well for you as well as for us. All our team members show a high degree of involvement and focus on the long term, aspects that you will experience in your relation with us.

Flycatcher is a member of the Data & Insights Network (formerly known as MOA) and of the global organization of market research agencies ESOMAR. Futhermore we are knowledge partner of INK and VNG Realisatie and sponsor of the NPSO (Dutch Platform for Survey Research).

Flycatcher is in the possession of a quality label for market, opinion and social research (ISO 20252). The quality label confirms that Flycatcher's research activities, including the Flycatcher panel, meet the ISO quality requirements with regard to, among other things, research confidentiality, competencies and training of employees, transparency and guidelines for all aspects of a research process (from project planning and questionnaires to reporting). We are also certified according to the environmental standard ISO 14001.

Want to get to know us? We invite you for a nice cup of coffee in the beautiful and hospitable city of Maastricht.

This is what we stand for

Our mission is to provide organisations with reliable information that will help them take the next step. Information that enables them to make well-founded decisions. We consider our clients as partners, collaborating with them to achieve the best possible results. We believe that we achieve more by listening carefully and asking critical questions. Our motto is therefore “Advancing by Asking” And because no two questions are the same, our services are always made to measure, meeting the client's specific wishes and requirements.

We also believe that an agency like ours needs to keep innovating, staying where we are is not an option. We are constantly trying to do things differently, better, smarter or more efficiently.

This is whom we work for

Flycatcher works for both large and small clients, in the Netherlands as well as abroad. From commercial firms to non-profit organisations, from businesses and the media to government institutions and scientific institutes, anyone can find what they need with us. This variety of clients keeps us focussed and alert.

Privacy and data protection

We set high standards when it comes to protecting privacy. We guarantee absolute anonymity and treat information with strict confidentiality. We subscribe the Integrity Code of the MOA and apply the 10 rules of the Fair Data Privacy Code.

We are certified according to ISO 27001, the quality standard for information security. This quality standard guards the quality of our security systems and is an excellent tool to manage and continually improve our systems. Flycatcher uses "secure server" technology (SSL encryption). As a result, all the data that are sent from and to the server, are encrypted and cannot be intercepted.

Our core values

We value speed and flexibility. We respond quickly to questions and adopt a flexible attitude. You need to receive the information and support that you want. Not a standard solution, but the best solution.

We see quality as a constant pursuit to exceed expectations. We are open and transparent about what we do and how we do it. We comply with ISO quality requirements to ensure that they are not just words, but embedded in our organisation.

Our reliability extends equally to clients and respondents. We set high standards when it comes to protecting privacy. Reliability also implies delivering valid research results and keeping to agreements that have been made.

Together we are stronger

It's impossible to do everything alone, so we like to work together with others. After all, together we are stronger.

By sharing and combining knowledge, we are able to implement new developments and serve our clients even better. Therefore, we not only work together regularly with other research agencies and institutes both in the Netherlands and abroad, but also with:

SSF helps organisations develop and implement innovative service concepts that enable them to distinguish themselves from their competitors. We are their research partner.
For organisations that want to initiate change processes based on work engagement surveys and need further advice and support. In addition, we also carry out various digital scans for them.
This Dutch-Flemish platform promotes the sharing of knowledge on and the development of good survey research. Flycatcher is part of the core group and a sponsor of the platform.
Vebego is an international company operating in the fields of facility services, the public sector and healthcare. The company wants to provide "meaningful work" to all of its 35,000 employees. Together, we have developed an instrument to make this concept measurable.
Platform for knowledge sharing on the INK/EFQM management model. Flycatcher develops a variety of digital scans for this platform.
Acknowledged international quality measurement in the field of health care. Flycatcher is involved in the continuous development and maintenance of the international data set and multilingual digital dashboards.
Facility consultancy in the field of cleaning, security and housing. Flycatcher develops a variety of quality surveys and dashboards for this company.
Offers a comparative platform for Dutch municipalities. Flycatcher is a certified partner and a provider of citizen and customer surveys for waarstaatjegemeente.nl
Social responsibility

For Flycatcher, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means acting responsibly with a view to the environment, being a good employer for all our employees, and being involved in social and cultural organisations.

Flycatcher is certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental standard. This means, for example, that we promote travelling by public transport, adopt a sustainable purchasing policy and separate all our waste.

As we realise that we can only be one of the best research agencies because of our inspired and involved team members, we constantly strive for a healthy and pleasant work climate.

Flycatcher regularly carries out free and altruistic research for social and cultural organisations. We have dedicated ourselves, for example, to War Child, SIRE, Mama Cash and Natuur & Milieu. We also regularly support various local social and cultural initiatives.

And there is more:

This orchestra has the ambition to make classical music more accessible for everyone and to attract a more varied audience. We support the orchestra as main sponsor with a range of surveys in the fields of brand recognition, corporate image, work engagement etcetera.
Eeko is our preferred partner for the collection of printer cartridges and mobile phones in the Netherlands. These printer cartridges and mobile phones are worth money; one of the many charities receives a fee for all useful items. By giving these products a second life, together we contribute to a better environment and support a good cause.
All Flycatcher staff participate in the annual NL Doet event, the largest volunteer event in the Netherlands, and an Oranjefonds initiative. We preferably do so outdoors. For example, we have built animal observation huts, pollarded willow trees, and spaded land for a vegetable garden.
Collaboration partners since 2015. Flycatcher supports War Child by doing what it's best at: doing research. We have initiated several special campaigns and have been able to donate nice amounts to War Child through these.
Since 2019 we are collaboration partners. Flycatcher supports Matchis and regularly carries out research for Matchis, for example on how to get more people to pay attention to stem cell donation.
Flycatcher supports the charities War Child and Matchis. Our panel members receive points by participating in our surveys. These points can be donated to the charities at any time. In this way, not only Flycatcher makes a contribution, but also our panel members.