Flycatcher obtains ISO 27001 Information Security certification

Research agency Flycatcher was officially ISO 27001-certified on 22 February 2018. This internationally recognised ISO standard focuses entirely on information and data security. It guarantees the quality of security and is an excellent instrument for the management and continuous improvement of data security.

Preventing data from falling into the hands of unauthorised parties
Anneke de Jongh, General Director: “Information and data constitute the core of research agency Flycatcher's business. We work with information and data from a variety of sources on a daily basis. It is our duty to handle this data with care and to prevent sensitive information that could be harmful for a person or an organisation from falling into the hands of unauthorised persons or organisations.” All business data and the confidential information entrusted to Flycatcher by clients and by individuals taking part in our surveys, must be treated with care. The ISO standard is an excellent instrument for the management and continuous improvement of data security.

Information security needs continuous attention
More than a year ago, Flycatcher start the preparations for ISO 27001 certification. After a thorough risk analysis and various internal audits, the agency was officially certified on 22 February. “It was an exciting and important process”, Pim Keulers, Information Security Officer, explains: “Information security is more important than ever before. It requires continuous attention and does not stop when certification has been obtained. All our staff are aware of the importance of security and apply the principles in their daily work. New developments are also subject to the formulated quality standards.”

Fourth ISO certificate
Flycatcher is proud to have obtained the ISO 27001 certificate. The agency now has four ISO certificates. It previously obtained ISO 20252 certification for market research, social research and opinion polls. Assignments carried out by ISO 20252-certified agencies comply with the official quality requirements. ISO 26362 applies to the Flycatcher panel and guarantees clients that our panel-based research is carried out at the highest possible quality level. Lastly, Flycatcher has also met the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard, which is part of the agency's CRS policy.