What inspires your employees?

A healthy organisation is continuously improving, innovating and developing. A process that requires inspired employees. Their attitude and behaviour have a huge impact on how your services and/or products are perceived by your clients. Research into work engagement is of vital importance for every organisation. It provides insight into possible bottlenecks, but also shows what works well; it detects threats as well as opportunities for improvements.
It is important that the survey is carried out from a positive approach: the survey is the starting point for employees and the organisation to join forces and strive for improvement. Awareness is developed among both employees and management, which is the first step in the process of improvement.

Reliable sets of questions and benchmark
Flycatcher has its own sets of questions for a large number of work engagement components. The sets of questions have been drawn up on the basis of a research model that was derived from a practical translation of the main scientific models in this field. Our sets of questions have been elaborately tested and validated. We also have benchmark data for the average Dutch working population and for specific groups (including education, health care, government).

Survey results are presented in an electronic report. By request, results can be supplied at group level, for example by department or job title. Using statistical techniques a tangible analysis is made of sections prioritised for improvement.

Personal feedback
Through our online reporting tool, we are able to give feedback to individual employees on their personal results.