Flycatchers come into action for War Child!

UPDATE Dec. 2016: A big Thank You to all our sponsors! Our Flycatcher panel members donated no less than €250 to War Child by converting their points.

Our action week was a great success, passing our target of €1000 by a clear margin! It even looks as if we are going to double this amount...

Our action page lists the projects carried out. Donations can still be made, by the way.

For pictures and videos of all activities, check our Facebook page: If you post a like on our page, we will keep you informed of all the ins and outs of Flycatcher!

We are proud. Of our collaboration with War Child. For this reason, and because they just do a great job, Flycatcher staff are going into action for War Child. From 21 to 27 November, we are organising a range of activities to raise money for War Child.
Take a quick look at our action page for a summary of all activities. This page also makes it very easy for you to sponsor us!

We are not the only ones to help war children this way, our Flycatcher panel members make their contribution too. Throughout the year, they are able to convert the points that they have saved by completing online questionnaires, into donations for War Child.

Our collaboration with War Child
Flycatcher and War Child have been collaboration partners since December 2015. Why we have chosen War Child as a collaboration partner? War Child gives children a voice; what could be greater than that! War Child is convinced that children have the power to contribute to a better future, both for themselves and for their environment. That children, however damaged by war, have the strength to overcome the impact of their experiences. Flycatchers wholeheartedly supports this: after all, children are the future!

War Child wants to stay informed of how the Dutch people think about the organisation and its activities, in order to be able to help even more war children. That is where we make our contribution: together with War Child we carry out surveys and provide them with the answers that they need. Free of charge. This is our way of helping war children. Something that is more urgent and necessary than ever.