Post-Holiday Questionnaire (PHQ)

Holidaybreak offers camping holidays. Until a few years ago, Holidaybreak sent holidaymakers paper questionnaires to evaluate their holidays. Holidaybreak feared that the response to online surveys would be lower than the response to its paper surveys, in particular among residents of the United Kingdom.
After a successful pilot survey in the Netherlands, Holidaybreak asked Flycatcher to carry out online surveys in other countries as well. With success: the response rate was higher than with their paper questionnaires. Holidaybreak also indicated that the results were more reliable now the survey was conducted by an independent research agency instead of by their own staff.

The main objective of research is to gain insight into the satisfaction of customers about their holidays with Holidaybreak and to identify how Holidaybreak's holidays and services can be further improved.

Research is carried out among Holidaybreak customers in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. When customers return from their holidays, they immediately receive an invitation by e-mail to complete an online questionnaire. The invitations and questionnaires are adapted to the customer's language.

Holidaybreak receives automated updated weekly overviews of the results through a secure website, enabling them to quickly detect and fix any issues. Results are delivered in a tailor-made format, various layers in the organisation receiving the results that they need, from employees in customer service to regional managers (see also smart reports). Results are broken down by holiday region, and a benchmark is available which compares various groups of holidaymakers.

Using these results, Holidaybreak is able to immediately address its employees with the things that are going well and those that can be improved. If, for example, the toilets are not clean at camp site X, this problem can be addressed quickly (1-5 days). The results are also used to optimise marketing activities and to adapt services to the needs of the customer.

The surveys have been carried out by Flycatcher for the past 4 years and have proved very valuable to Holidaybreak. This has led to other research being outsourced to Flycatcher, including a survey among camping staff (satisfaction of the employees about recruitment and selection, training and experience on the camp site itself), a survey held among former customers (why did they not book again) and potential customers (what was the reason why they applied for information, but did not book a holiday after all). We have also carried out various ad hoc surveys for Holidaybreak, including an image / branding research.