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Are you perceived as you want to be perceived?

Image / Branding research

Image is the result of impressions, experiences, knowledge, expectations and feelings, and it is therefore subject to factors that you cannot always influence directly. The image that the outside world has of your organisation, services, products or region may differ considerably from the image that you have in mind or want to portray.

Image or branding research gives you insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your image and highlights any differences between the desired image and the actual image in the outside world. You are also able to determine whether the image that your employees communicate corresponds with the desired image. Research gives you concrete handles to deal with the differences in image and to ensure that you are perceived as you wish to be perceived.

For further information about Image / Branding research, you can contact us at +31 (0)43-326 2992 or via info[-noSpam-@-noSpam-]



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