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Quick insight into the effects of your public manifestations

Communication research

Communication research is a broad concept: it encompasses all surveys relating to communication or communication manifestations. Both businesses and governments make huge investments in communication: advertising, campaigns, packaging, websites, logos, apps, et cetera. Research usually comes at the bottom of the list. This is unfortunate. Carrying out research may cost money, but not carrying out research and making the wrong decisions is far more costly.

Research can be deployed in any phase of your marketing and communication strategy:

  • input for concept development
  • testing various strategic concepts
  • pre-testing communication manifestations
  • evaluating advertisements and campaigns (effect measurements)

We are used to switching quickly and can provide you rapidly with the required information.

For further information about Communication research, you can contact us at +31 (0)43-326 2992 or via info[-noSpam-@-noSpam-]

Case Procter and Gamble

On behalf of Procter & Gamble (P&G), readers of certain magazines were invited to try out a new Oral B toothpaste for two weeks. For Gillette, we approached men to try out a new razor blade. Participants were interviewed both before and after the test period. The results were used for product improvement as well as advertising purposes.

Flycatcher Annotation tool

For online assessment of communication manifestations

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The Quicker

The reliable alternative for 'quick-and-dirty': up to 5 questions among our ISO-certified consumer panel. Very attractive rates, only available for marketing communication agencies.



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