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Surveying your own panel

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We can program virtually any type of questionnaire. Want to see our standard options? Fill in our demo here.

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Your own research panel

An online panel is a perfect instrument for the continuous collection of input on subjects relevant to your business, organisation or municipality. In this way, you involve your customers, tenants, residents, employees, students, et cetera, directly in the realisation and implementation of your policies.

A panel enables you to determine developments in time, zero in on topical issues in an ad-hoc manner and create immediate involvement. Add to this the advantages of the Internet as a medium, including speed, low cost, high response (60 to 70%), reliability, flexibility and the possibility of selecting specific target groups within a population.

A panel is linked to a digital portal, a website where your target group can register, view and modify data, request research results and complete surveys. The portal's design matches your corporate identity.

The implementation of the survey, administration of personal details and data storage are, carried out by Flycatcher, guaranteeing anonymity, neutrality and objectivity. You, the client, focus on the content, while Flycatcher is responsible for the implementation of the survey and management of the panel.



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