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What makes the Flycatcher panel certified?

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The most reliable panel in the Netherlands

The Flycatcher panel consists of approximately 16,000 individuals aged 12 and older who have agreed to participate regularly in online surveys. Panel surveys are suitable for collecting deeper insights into behaviour, attitudes, preferences, opinions, et cetera. They can also be used to measure effects and for monitoring research.

On average, panel members receive approximately eight questionnaires a year. In exchange, they receive a certain number of points for every completed questionnaire. These points can be converted into gift vouchers. Response rates are usually 60-70%.

The Flycatcher panel can serve as a basis for a broad sample, representative of the entire Dutch population. In addition, we have recorded the main background variables of the panel members, allowing us to select specific target groups (such as regions, age groups, parents, et cetera).

Quality mark
Flycatcher was one of the first research agencies in the Netherlands to obtain ISO 26362-certification for access panels. This certification confirms that the Flycatcher panel meets the ISO quality requirements for social scientific research, market research and opinion polls.

Need participants for a short period of time?

Sometimes intensive and interactive communication with a certain target group is necessary for a short, clearly defined period. This calls for a Mini Research Community or a test panel. We would be glad to offer our support.



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