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Will the Dark Knight rise?

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Batman toys. To be released on the market or not?

With the arrival of the latest Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises” in the summer of 2012, Mattel wanted to give their Batman toys a new lease of life in the Netherlands and Flanders.

The question, however, was whether Batman was still alive in the heads of boys and their parents. Would it be a good idea to put new Batman toys on the market?

The survey carried out by Flycatcher among the parents of Dutch and Flemish children in the ages of 4 to 10, it appeared that children were still familiar with Batman. In addition half of the parents indicated that their sons would like to play with Batman toys.

On the basis of these results, Mattel decided to introduce new toys onto the market in the Netherlands and Flanders, based on the Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Bronvermelding afbeelding Batman: Andy Lidstone /

The Flycatcher panel

The Flycatcher panel consists of approximately 16.000 individuals aged 12 and older who have agreed to participate regularly in online surveys. The panel is ISO 26362 certified.

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