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Research: input for the next step

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Research: measuring and improving

To be able to take sound decisions, you need reliable research data. Are you on the right track? Do your policies or actions have the desired effect, or are adjustments required? Are your employees inspired and your clients satisfied? What is good, what could be better, what could be different?

We consider interaction with the client a key factor. Therefore, our motto is: “Advancing by asking”. We want to know what you want to know, why you want to know that and what you want to do with the information. It is the survey question that determines the specific approach and methodology, not the other way around.

Work engagement survey

Social media research (SMR)

Flycatcher panel


A healthy organisation is continuously improving, innovating and developing. A process that requires inspired employees. Research into job engagement is of vital importance for every organisation.

In addition to actively asking the right questions among certain target groups, social media research offers you the possibility to look further, to listen and to observe. We analyse what is said on the Internet about your organisation.

The Flycatcher panel consists of approximately 16,000 individuals aged 12 and older who have agreed to participate regularly in online surveys. Panel surveys are suitable for collecting deeper insights.




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