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Hot Alerts

The Hot Alerts developed by Flycatcher allow immediate notification whenever anything special happens. Applications are countless: in customer surveys, to support respondents and in management information systems.

In the Hot Alerts system, triggers are activated, a mechanism that initiates a process. Triggers are generated when a condition set in another process has been met, for example exceeding a threshold value or entering a particular answer. This triggers an action, such as sending an e-mail notification or a text message. This prevents the receiver from missing anything important.

Customer satisfaction survey
A good example of Hot Alerts are notifications within a customer satisfaction survey (CSS). For example, whenever a respondent indicates in a survey that he/she is dissatisfied about a certain product or service, a Hot Alert can be sent to the customer immediately by e-mail or SMS. If necessary the customer can take immediate action. A rapid response is very much appreciated by respondents, who feel that they are being taken serious, and satisfaction rises.

To support respondents
The Hot Alerts are also used to support respondents. In a number of research projects, it is important that respondents enter something every day, either a questionnaire or a diary. Hot Alerts issue warnings immediately if this does not happen, thus increasing the response rate considerably.

Management information systems
Finally, Hot Alerts are also applied in management information systems. When a certain KPI drops below a pre-determined threshold value, management can be informed immediately. This saves a lot of time and money.

Did you know...

...that Flycatcher has sent more than 30.000 hot-alerts last year to clients and respondents? Want to know more about using Hot Alerts in your research? Please contact us.



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