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Comparing Apples to Androids

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We can program virtually any type of questionnaire. Want to see our standard options? Fill in our demo here.

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Mobile Experience (ME)

More and more people are using a smartphone or tablet to fill out online questionnaires. This requires a flexible design for questionnaires. Our software automatically recognises the system used by the respondent and automatically adapts the lay-out. This is called Mobile Experience.

ME focuses on the respondent and lowers the threshold to participate in an online survey. Completing surveys can now be done anywhere and at any time, because questionnaires automatically adapt to the device used to complete them. This improves ease of use for the respondent and increases the response rates of online questionnaires for our clients.


"It is very easy, it fits nicely on the screen. A real solution when no PC or laptop is available!"

- Smartphone user
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