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Is there anything we cannot create?

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We can program virtually any type of questionnaire. Want to see our standard options? Fill in our demo here.

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Online surveys

Flycatcher has been a leader in the field of online surveys for more than 15 years. We develop our survey software in house and create the questionnaires ourselves. The advantage is that questionnaires are tailor-made for you. It also guarantees that everything works as it should, resulting in optimal data quality.

Our survey software allows us to program all common types of questions: multiple-choice questions, appreciation scales, open questions with text fields, minimum and maximum values, scrolling matrix et cetera. It is also possible to make certain questions compulsory or to block answers against being changed.

Sophisticated technology
To ensure that questionnaires are optimally adjusted to the respondents, we use interactive techniques such as routing and dynamic display. In the case of routing, respondents only receive questions that apply to them. This may be based on previous answers, or on certain background characteristics. In the case of dynamic display, previous answers can be shown in follow-up questions.

The design can be adapted to your corporate style or 'look & feel’.

In principle, we can build anything into a questionnaire, including video and audio fragments, but also an interactive Wheel of Fortune:

In order to get a basic idea of how our advanced techniques within questionnaires work, we recommend you to fill out our demo survey.

International research

We have a great deal of experience with data collection in various countries and cultures, both in and outside Europe. Examples include Poland, Great Britain, New Zealand, and Japan. Multilingual questionnaires can be supplied, respondents being able to choose the preferred language. We can process any character sets.

Mobile Experience

To increase the usability for the respondent, online questionnaires are automatically optimised for the device on which they are filled out. We call it Mobile Experience.

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