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Technology-based solution

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We can program virtually any type of questionnaire. Want to see our standard options? Fill in our demo here.

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Online solutions

Successful implementation of online surveys requires a solid technical research environment. The actual choice depends on your survey question. An online questionnaire combined with an online housekeeping book? Data collection using QR codes or a panel or research community? Or following participants in a discussion forum or mobile/Social Media Research? Flycatcher is able to recommend the best set-up and to combine various options.

Dedicated Internet portal
A dedicated Internet portal is a fully equipped online research environment built around a specific aim or target group. For a private customer panel or a Research Community, a portal is set up for participants to register, update information, and view results.

A portal can be expanded by adding extra functionality, such as a reward system for survey participants, a discussion forum, and Social Media integration. All Internet portals may be complemented by a Content Management System (CMS), which you can use to update portal content.

Fully customised solution
We use state-of-the-art technology and a variety of platforms. We cover all required disciplines to be able to choose, develop, and manage the perfect online research environment. Applications can easily be linked to other data systems, to create the best possible research platform.

Mobile research

For Centre of Management Maastricht more than 500 entrepreneurs, located in the center of Maastricht, were queried only via mobile tablets.


Our professional helpdesk is available by phone:
(+31) (0)43 - 326 29 92 and e-mail: info[-noSpam-@-noSpam-] during the whole research process.

Budget survey

A good example of a fully customised solution is an online application for tracking household expenses within the Budget survey of the National Statistics Institute of the Netherlands (CBS). This research environment is fully tailored to the wishes of the client.



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