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From survey result to knowledge organisation

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We can program virtually any type of questionnaire. Want to see our standard options? Fill in our demo here.

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Online reporting

Flycatcher covers both disciplines of Research and Research Intelligence, which puts us in an excellent position to know how important it is to present the data obtained transparently and intelligibly.

We make the information available quickly and clearly in sophisticated online reports or dashboards, using interactive tables and graphs.

The right information in the right place
Smart reporting ensures that the right information is made available to the various layers within your organisation. Not everyone has the same need for information: managers often need a dashboard showing the main results, while operational departments require more detailed information. All information can be integrated with or linked to information that is already known within your organisation.

Individual feedback
It is also possible to provide the results in the form of individual feedback, to enable participants to compare their results with the results of the group as a whole or with multiple groups. This is often used in work engagement surveys. Employees compare their own results with those of the department or the entire organisation. Click here for an example.

Knowledge environment
We are fully application- and platform-independent. This allows us to deliver or publish your reports any way you like and in any desired format on a dedicated Internet portal.

Report in the right place

For an international travel company we measured the customer satisfaction of its services for four years in a row. The results were presented to various levels within the organisation, from business managers to site administrators. It changed the company into a strong knowledge-driven business.



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