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Research Intelligence (RI): how can research be improved?

Reliable and innovative online applications offered by online research company Flycatcher.

A research company with a highly developed IT department, Flycatcher is the specialist in everything that has to do with research and engineering. We call it Research Intelligence. This unique combination of online data collection and IT specialism, you are assured of a reliable and innovative solution that meets all technical requirements of today.

Mobile Experience

Hot Alerts

Personalised feedback


Participating in online surveys can nowadays be done literally anytime and anywhere. Flycatcher is a leader in developing applications to succesfully assist the mobile respondent. Our online surveys are automatically optimised for the device on which they are filled out.

Do you want to stay posted on certain events during a study or research project? Hot Alerts allow you to get immediate information when something important happens. Hot Alerts make the research process more effective and can save your organisation a lot of time and money.

In a few clicks respondents can compare their own results with previous results or with group results. Evaluation shows that this type of feedback is much more effective then only reporting on group level.


International care monitor

Within the LPZ project we measure various health care problems twice a year in The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand and Austria.

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