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Flycatcher stands for quality

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Exceeding expectations

Flycatcher's concept of quality is exceeding the expectations of those around us (clients, panel members, employees and collaboration partners). We constantly aim to improve our services.

Flycatcher is a member of the MOA Research Keurmerkgroep (Center for Information Based Decision Making & Marketing Research). The members of the Research Keurmerkgroep comply with strict quality requirements for market research and also allow themselves to be audited by an independent auditing committee. These quality requirements were laid down in the ISO 20252 standard for market research and opinion polls and ISO 26362 for access panels. Flycatcher is also a member of the European ESOMAR industry organisation.

Cooperation takes you further
Innovations are moving fast in the field of research. To improve the quality of our research and services on an ongoing basis, we like to use the expertise of our selected partners. By combining knowledge and expertise, Flycatcher can offer its clients an even better service. Because cooperation takes you further.

We have partnerships with the following established parties:

Coosto is the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of tools for social media monitoring and webcare. As a partner, we analyse what is being said about your company, product or service on the internet and where and when it is talked about. This information provides the ideal complement to other forms of data collection.

We were selected by the Kwaliteitsinstituut Nederlandse Gemeenten (KING) as supplier for the implementation of citizen and customer research for (certified partner). We are also knowledge partner of KING.

GUEST is an organisational development company in the field of Hospitality. Together we developed the Hospitality Meter, a unique tool to assess the organisation within the field of hospitality. We conduct the research, Guest supports the further development of hospitality within the organisation.

We are knowledge partner of INK. We work together to develop services based on the INK legacy, in particular the development of the work engagement survey.

Key Quality is a consultant for cleaning and facility management. We conduct satisfaction surveys and Key Quality advises on the implementation and follow-up or improvement.

RenM|Matrix is ​​like Flycatcher a RKG-research firm. We regularly work togther on research projects, such as face-to-face interviews or focus groups. RenM|Matrix also uses the ISO-certified Flycatcher panel.

Service Science Factory (SSF)
The Service Science Factory (SSF) helps organisations differentiate themselves through innovative services that will astound their customers (and competitors). We assist SSF in conducting research.


We attach great importance to high standards when conducting research. Contributions to the (development of) research methodology plays an important role in this. For that reason, we sponsor the NPSO, the Dutch Platform for Survey Research.



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