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Reaching your target group without the limitations of survey software

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We can program virtually any type of questionnaire. Want to see our standard options? Fill in our demo here.

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Data collection

Do you have all the knowledge and experience in house to carry out the survey yourself, but you are not able to reach sufficient respondents? Are the respondents not representative for your target group, do you encounter restrictions when using your survey software and do you not want to spend valuable research hours looking for respondents or programming questionnaires? Then we can take the process of data collection off your hands.

Flycatcher has its own consumer panel, the Flycatcher Panel, which can be used for nationally representative or subgroup surveys. We can also adapt online questionnaires to different access options, including placement on websites or distribution by post, with a link included in a letter.

Online questionnaire
We use software that we have developed ourselves to create questionnaires. This offers a great deal of flexibility and options for tailor-made solutions, with various types of questions, experimental interventions, different conditions (experimental and control groups), randomisation, and longitudinal measuring.

As soon as the survey period has expired, Flycatcher checks and processes the data. As a rule results are delivered in an SPSS data file (other file formats available by request). Along with the data file you will also always receive a justification of the survey process. This contains information on the fieldwork period, the number of individuals included in the sample, the number of cases removed because of poor response quality, the number of drop-outs, the final net response, and the representativeness of the group of respondents.



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