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We can program virtually any type of questionnaire. Want to see our standard options? Fill in our demo here.

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Advice and reviews

Do you have everything you need to implement your own survey? But you are unsure of the approach or would like a review of your questionnaire? Flycatcher Academic Support Centre can help you with recommended survey methods and techniques.

Questionnaire review and pre-testing
You may submit your questionnaire to Flycatcher for an expert review. Flycatcher researchers all have an academic background and considerable experience in setting up and reviewing questionnaires. We can pre-test your questionnaire by presenting it to a small group of respondents with similar characteristics to your target group.

Flycatcher is able to give you advice on the required sample size and the related reliability and accuracy of the data you collect. We can also help you determine the representativeness of your sample or create weighting factors.

Survey set-up
Flycatcher would be glad to help you decide on the set-up of your survey. This may include recommendations on how to approach respondents, the method of data collection (e.g. online or face-to-face), the use of a control group, the application of various scenarios in the questionnaires, et cetera.

Flycatcher researchers are experienced in a broad range of statistical techniques and their application in SPSS. Together we can draw up an analysis plan. You can also ask us to carry out the analyses or to interpret the output.

Contributor to the research field

As a research agency with a strong academic background and commitment, it is important to us to contribute to the development of our field. In collaboration with the Utrecht University, Flycatcher examined whether the scroll matrix is more fun to fill out than the standard matrix.

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