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Flycatcher: advancing by asking

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About Flycatcher

To be able to take sound decisions, you need reliable research data. Flycatcher provides you with exactly the information you need. Being an independent research agency specialising in online Research we support the entire research process.

We have all required disciplines in-house, which is reflected in our flexibility. With our researchers and our ISO-certified research panel, but also with our IT specialists and the software that we developed ourselves, we always have the right people and means for your particular survey.

We are platform-independent and free to use any methods or techniques. The fact that we do everything ourselves is your guarantee that your data will be treated with the greatest care and discretion, everything remains within the walls of Flycatcher.

To guarantee the quality of our research, we only work with university-educated researchers. Flycatcher itself has its roots in Maastricht University and with Academic Support offers specific support to universities and research institutes. For clients in government and business we translate academic knowledge into a goal-oriented, pragmatic approach. This enables us to offer you the rapid response that you want and to carry out the research in a well-founded, scientific and responsible way. Our Research Intelligence Team takes care of the technical support for the research projects.

All Flycatcher's attention goes to quality of the research, analysis and reports. We prefer short lines of communication and personal contacts. That works well for you and for us. All our team members show a high degree of involvement and focus on the long term, aspects that you will experience in your relation with us. We continually ask questions to advance together.

Flycatcher: advancing by asking


The entire research process, from A to Z

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Academic Support

Various support for researchers


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Research Intelligence

For logistic support and IT support

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